Cruising the World in 2019

We suggest for 2019, enrich yourselves and discover the journey of a lifetime on the high seas for 128-day World Cruise from Miami to London exploring exotic and historic destinations, of the four corners of the globe. Visiting fascinating ports, relax in luxurious accommodations, builds on the legacy of this Viking cruise collecting more travel milestones than most do in a lifetime on this grand voyage of discovery! For more details 

"Blue Eye" underwater lounge on the new Ponant yachts

CConcierge believes our guests will love this new underwater lounge which is located in the hull below the water line.  Featured on Ponant’s new Le Laperouse Yacht Ships, is the Blue Eye Lounge, a thrilling innovation from a French cruise line with world-class ambitions. The lounge has underwater cameras and microphones that capture the sights and sounds under the sea.